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Congratulations on taking a step toward getting help for yourself and moving forward!


I can appreciate that searching for a new therapist may be an exciting but also daunting task. Maybe this is your first time in therapy or counseling – or perhaps you’ve actually done this before and didn’t have such a positive experience -- or you're wondering how this time will be different than the last.  


My first goal is to get you comfortable with the therapeutic process and talking to me.   Sometimes this just comes naturally for folks. For others however it may require getting used to putting words to your internal experience -- thoughts of "he'll think I'm crazy, he'll judge me" or identifying feelings of fear, shame, etc.. which you might usually choose to keep to yourself even if you were speaking to a trusted friend, family member or colleague.  But therapy is different and works best when you can be completely open and honest with yourself.  I'm happy to help you learn to do this, practice it and grow in this respect.

I work with an incredibly broad array of people -- different ages, professions, races, ethnicities, faith traditions, socio-economic positions, sexual orientations and genders -- and the wonderfully complex intersectionality of each of these.  I cherish this gift to work with, learn from and help such a diverse group of people.


Feel free to look around my site and give me a call if you’d like to discuss your unique situation and schedule a time to come in and talk.


Warm regards,    Dan


Your Greatest Self.

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