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Real Victories:

Celebrate/Honor/Love Conquers Hate/Success​/Happiness




Even though some of these may seem like common or maybe even small problems to you, remember each person brings their own unique history and experience of the world into treatment.   Over the years, I've seen many variations of some of these concerns.

I am so proud of the many successes my clients and I have created!   Here are a few (in no particular order... and of course without identifying information).  

I have helped people successfully:

Triumph over depression

Rediscover joy after the loss of a loved one

Maintain hope and survive the divorce (or uncoupling) process


Manage difficult office dynamics/ politics


Realize that perfectionism isn’t always a badge of honor


Understand the relationship between their thoughts, feelings and behaviors


Tolerate distressing situations


Confidently come out to their religious family as a gay man

Strike an appropriate work-life balance


Better understand themselves and what they bring to relationships


Build up their self-esteem, self-respect


Mend a broken heart


Parent challenging children


Expand their social support system


Organize themselves and reduce the impact that ADD/ADHD has on their life


Understand how childhood experiences affect romantic relationships, friendships in adult life


(Re)Connect emotionally to their partner


Cope with health concerns which impact sexual functioning and satisfaction 


Explore how traditional assumptions impact one’s gender identity and sexual expression


Support their trans child in school and in the community


Cope with and support a partner with a significant mental or physical illness


Recover and re-engage in college/university after experiencing setbacks.


Maintain sobriety from alcohol or drugs


Identifying emotional vocabulary and managing emotional states


Negotiate sex


Live through and triumph over various forms of cancer


Navigate the anxiety provoking and sometimes heart-wrenching process of moving through the tenure process at several local universities and public school systems.

Develop a vision for and transition to retirement


Reclaim their sexual self


Developing assertiveness skills within relationships and at work.


Manage and eliminate burdensome OCD behaviors


Listen to, consider and respond appropriately to workplace feedback/criticism 


Support and celebrate their gay son or daughter


Manage problematic behaviors


Awaken themselves and their partners in a sleepy relationship


Rid themselves of psychoses by helping them overcome ambivalence to taking psych meds


Stop burning bridges (in relationships) and assert themselves and their needs appropriately


Find their feeling selves


Maintain hope and find another job after being fired or laid off


Kick shame’s ass!


Manage unique stress associated with a poly relationship


Develop a satisfying sex life


Bring an end to delayed ejaculation (DE)


Overcome premature ejaculation (PE)


Explore various ways to manage erectile dysfunction (ED)


Manage the loss and cope with infertility


Create structure to their wide-open, unengaged lives.


Transition from work to disability and back to work again!


Getting unstuck when procrastination settles in


Manage stress associated with selling homes, businesses


Add to their families through the adoption process


Prepare and transition gender identities


Overcoming problematic internet use


Setting life/relationship goals and developing a plan to achieve them


Explore what gets in the way of feeling closer to people


Rekindling romance in long-term relationships    Been married 20+ years and rarely have sex (with each other)....


Managing through the shame of mental illness....


Overcoming shame of internalized homophobia in gay men

Reconceptualizing what it means to be sexual in a relationship.


Developing a “sex menu”

Discern whether to open/close their monogamous/open/poly relationship

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