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Sexual Concerns 

Erectile Difficulties/Desire Discrepancies/Out of Control Sexual Behavior/Lack of Desire​/Delayed or Premature Ejaculation

/Dyspareunia/Vaginismus​/Boredom/Peyronie's Disease/Pre-Orgasmia

I am an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist and have specialized training to assist people who have sexual health concerns.   Sex Therapy is a form of talk therapy with the goals of reducing pain, enhancing intimacy and increasing pleasure.  Obviously this can be very challenging work at times for my clients.   I'm extremely respectful of each person's uniqueness in this important work.


I am a sex positive therapist which means I think of sexual health in a very broad way -- but healthy sex and sexuality has a focus on activity that is consensual and pleasurable and because of this should be free of guilt, shame and other negative feelings.   Obviously this can be a very tall order for most people, given how traditional American culture tends to be fairly conservative and that few families raise children in an environment where sex and sexuality can be discussed openly.   Let's fix this!







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